There is no escaping change.

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One thing that I found interesting when reading the textbook was Erikson's Model of Identity. This model intrigued me because it states that throughout our lives, we are continuously experiencing growth. I currently am at the naive stage where I believe that adults have everything figured out - they know what they want to do with their lives, they know how to manage their time, money, friendships, etc.

However, reading about this made me realize that adults are going through pretty big changes too; these changes just aren't as advertised to the world like the changes that teens are experiencing because teenagers are more likely to do crazy and possibly irrational things, like dye their hair hot pink, start smoking, and completely change their image (like Quinn Fabray did at the beginning of this season on Glee) so they get all the attention. I feel like now I can more understanding towards my parents and other adult friends that say they are uncertain about things because I know that I am not the only one who is experiencing huge changes at this point in my life.


My favorite entry was by corr0147, because the pictures provided excellent support and it was an interesting concept that I hadn't considered before. My second favorite entry was by zier0052, because it piqued my interest and was also pretty funny! My third favorite entry was by will3602, because I had made that connection myself when reading about imprinting.

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Yes, adults and parents may have a few things figured out but as Erikson points out, there are always significant crises in each stage of life to work through.

Older adults want their life to be meaningful in some way which can be difficult after working away at the same job for years and not evolving as a person.

Dealing with the pressures of children, and marriage can also be a struggle and when you finally get that figured out you have to deal with old age and failing health!

Love the cartoon. ;-)

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