Too Hungry to Sleep but Too Tired to Eat

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On the section of Motivation, one thing I found interesting was the concept of conflicting drives. This occurs when approach and avoidance drives clash with themselves and each other. The tendency to approach comes from an inclination toward situations, like eating food or going to a party; avoidance is a disposition away from situations, like making the food or getting grounded for sneaking out.


In addition to approach-avoidance conflicts, two approach drives can conflict, as well as two avoidance drives. I am all too familiar with the effects of conflicting drives. Often during the summer I find myself making the decision of going out and mowing the lawn or getting yelled at by my mom, which is an avoidance-avoidance conflict.

My roommates and I have also succumbed to the effects of conflicting drives whenever we lose the remote. This is an example of an approach-avoidance conflict. We'll find ourselves watching three episodes of Maury before the will to find better programming, approach, outweighs our laziness of not wanting to walk across the room, avoidance. Now I'm going to find the remote before I have to listen to "You are not the father" again.

My favorite post was HONEY BADGER DON'T CARE!!!!! because it was funny and had some good visuals.

My next favorite was Zombie Ants! because it linked an awesome article and posed some interesting questions.

My third favorite was Frickin' Dolphins With Frickin' Laser Beams On Their Fricken Heads...well sort of because he showed a very interesting example of conditioning and I love Austin Powers.

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Isn't interesting that you typically need to have an approach goal that goes with an avoidance drive. For example, avoid homework by watching TV.

Whereas, approach goals don't necessarily have to have an avoidance goal attached.

On second thought, perhaps all behavior could be characterized by deciding between approach and avoidance options.

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