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As a dog owner, I have been thinking about how to train my pup to go hunting with me. However, he doesn't like fireworks so I fear he certainly won't like the sound of my gun. This may also be because he's a pug and not a black lab!

I have come to learn puppies need to experience various stimuli before the age of three months in order to securely withstand life's stressful events. In other words, what puppies haven't seen during this critical period, they will fear as adults. This corresponds with the period of imprinting. This demonstrates how an animal acquires his identity during a critical period of brain development. It is called period of imprinting because the animal forms his identity based on the available social contact present. Knowing this, a question comes to mind, how do I prevent this behavior from developing in the first place?

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I totally agree with the point of how critical periods in a puppies life can affect how they will act in the future. Training puppies can be tough, but making sure your training them right will make for a very well behaved dog.

I cant help but laugh when I picture a Pug and Hunting lol. Could you imagine a Pug with a duck in his mouth running back to his/her owner funny. To answer your question you really can't "prevent" different stimuli from affecting your dog per say because you're not around it 24/7, but there is something you could do. I would try exposer therapy, slowly expose your dog to the sound of loud "pop!" sounds. Maybe at first use a pop can sound, then those small POP firecrackers that when you throw them they pop, then pop a paper bag and continue on gradually increasing the sound. So by the 4th of July your dog is good to go and doesn't fear loud firework sounds. Hope that helps!

I have never heard of this critical window for training dogs before Jacob. Where did you learn about it?

It makes sense that some dogs could develop behavior problems if mistreated early in their life.

Yet most dogs can be trained to do a variety of behaviors well into their adult life.

As you probably know, dogs are perhaps the greatest example of genetic manipulation in the animal world. Humans have selectively bred dogs for thousands of years in order to raise dogs with specific traits.

If you want a hunting dog, you might be better off with a lab.

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