Types of Intelligence

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The part in chapter 9 about multiple types of intelligence was interesting to me because i did not realize there were certain categories for each type. Naturalistic intelligence allows us to discriminate among living things, while musical intelligence deals with timbre, rhythm and tone. Logical-mathematical, verbal/linguistic, and virtual/spatial intelligence are pretty self explanatory. Intra-personal intelligence allows one to understand oneself, while interpersonal helps us communicate with others. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is what most athletes have. Existential intelligence deals with the capacity to understand deep topics and ponder the meaning of life. I am curious as to how much of a specific intelligence type belongs to people of different professions. For example, do you think athletes are not as musically talented? Or perhaps philosophers do not have as developed naturalistic intelligence.


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Well, this is one of the problems with Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence. Not enough empirical testing has been done to address the question you pose about how the different types of intelligences are related and how they may be independant.

We can all think of great athletes who were not the sharpest knives in the drawer but then some athletes were once Rhodes scholars (former New Jersey Senator and NBA player Bill Bradley).

I don't know how many athletes are also musicians but Bernie Williams who was a star outfielder for the NY Yankees was an accomplished classical guitar player. I suspect that much of what Gardner calls intelligence is a function of the skills an individual has dedicated themselves to mastering with years and years of practice.

It would be good to know if mastery in one domain makes it more likely that you can master another domain if you devoted the time and effort.

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