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Physical attractiveness plays a major role in overall attractiveness to another person. People that are more physically attractive tend to be more popular and have more physically attractive partners that people that are physically unattractive. Scientists have found that body shape and body movement are key factors in being "beautiful".
Studies done by the Texas A&M University showed that when women walked with hip sway, their attractiveness ratings were about 50% higher than without. In the same study, attractiveness ratings for men more than doubled when they walked with a swagger in their shoulders. So, next time you want grab a guy or girl's attention, just add a little "swag" to your step.
I'm glad to see that physical attractiveness isn't all through genetics. I wonder if stance also has the same affect on physical attractiveness?


My favorite post was Returning From the Dead because I have always wondered wether or not stories of people dying, leaving their body and coming back to life is real or just a trick of the mind.
My next favorite was Dirty Little Secrets because it is so hard to believe that people can do such horrible things when they are told to, yet there is very strong evidence to support it.
My third favorite was Color Blind Test because I learned that colorblind people can actually see the number that they aren't supposed to see in colorblindness tests when they are told the number.

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Enjoyed reading this post. I gonna have to start working on my "pretty boy swag."

I love this study Eleanor. The video loop is also very cool and hypnotic. Is it JLo?

Most studies of attractiveness examine static traits and attributes and this is one of the first I have seen that has come up with a method to test differences in how men and women typically move which is closer to how we really evaluate the overall physical attractiveness of another person.

Do you think Obama has greater shoulder swagger than other males or are their other attributes that make him attractive?

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