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Over the past several years, anti-aging/wrinkle treatments have been all the rage. It comes in many forms such as creams, gels, and even botox treatments. The article in our text book (page 370) brings up the point that several aging men and women seek the "fountain of youth". Many people fall victim to the "look younger, feel younger" garbage that is displayed and encouraged by the media time and time again. Who says that putting a cream on our face to reduce wrinkles or lift certain features will make us look younger, or even feel younger? This "fountain of youth" that several people search for is leading me to believe that as humans, we are afraid of becoming too old or looking too old. Do we really need creams, gels, botox, etc to help us look and feel older or is it all a mental state that the media has driven into us? In my opinion, looking old and feeling old are relatively different. You can look old without feeling old, and you can feel old without looking old. It really frustrates me that having an "old" appearance is seen as such an ugly concept that men and women should fear and even avoid.

My favorite blog posting from writing four was "Hold on I need to tweet this". The content was just as intriguing as the title. It made me feel almost guilty of the fact that I spend way too much time using my phone when I'm spending time with my friends. Even if only for a short period of time, it is serving as my inspiration to be more aware of the affects my excessive cell phone use is having on my relationships.

My second favorite blog posting was "Is everyone victim to the standards of beauty?" It made me raise a lot of questions as I read through it, but it made me really excited that I was able to do that. I think it is safe to say that several of us are victims to certain standards we hold as far as what we consider to be "beautiful".

My third favorite blog posting was "Peer pressure". The entry was very true to the fact that parents steer us away from certain "friends" for good reasons. As an adolescent, we don't always understand those reasons. But if we all knew back then what we know now, we'd probably praise our parents their choice to restrict our time spent with certain people.


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I agree with you! Why is it that our society has put such a damper on the aging process? I think becoming older is going to be a blast--not necessarily for the aging body but more for the wisdom that comes from experience. Thanks for blogging about this!

Good Post! This Idea of beauty that we have in America is manly a westernized idea of beauty. Example, in a lot of countries men love women that are heavier set (it's actually a sign of wealth and vitality), in America we would call these women overweight or obese. In other countries age is a sign of knowledge and endearment and is well respected age is considered wisdom. Here in America we regard old age as "out of the loop" or lack of knowledge "you're getting old". It's weird how different cultures perceive society.

You ask a nice question Corissa about why we believe "putting a cream on our face to reduce wrinkles or lift certain features will make us look or even feel younger?"

I think it gets to the some of what causes the placebo effect and simply the mere fact that we believe these creams will do as advertised will be enough to deflect some of the aging process in our skin.

Attitudes and beliefs about aging also matter and often vary by culture. We value youth and energy in America and in China age and wisdom are more highly valued.

Studies have associated the positive stereotypes about aging in China with better memory in old age and the negative stereotypes in America with worse memory.

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