Wasted my time again!

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After reading about the Mere exposure effect, I finally figured out why I've always hated my school pictures. The mere exposure effect stated that if we were exposed to the same thing numerous times, we would be more likely to favor it. All the time I spent trying to look nice for school picture; all went to waste because of the mere exposure effect. I really thought that I looked good for the school pictures and double check with my mom to make sure I look good. But yet again, another failure. Though, the mere exposure effect explains why my mom would like my school pictures and why I would not. Since my mom was repeatedly exposed to the image of me, similar to the school pictures, she would favor it. And since I was more exposed to the mirror image of me, I would find the mirror image of me to be more favorable than my school pictures. Did you like your school pictures??

My favorite blog was "New emoticons - I feel awkward!!!" by xiao0100 because I also do believe that we should incorporate emoticons in our text to should emotions.
My next favorite was "Opposites Attract...Or Do They?" by leex5571 because she does a nice job in explaining the three major principles that guide attraction and relationship formation.
My third favorite was "Pump It Up!" by mehlh017 because she does a great job in explaining motivation. For instance, too little or too much motivation would cause you to perform not as well. Whereas, just the right amount of motivation will help you perform well.


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This is very interesting, and i feel the same way! I hated all my school pictures!

Oh man, can I relate! I always hated my school picture and was perplexed why others disliked their pictures as well but I thought it looked just like them.

The mere exposure effect does give us a clue. I would bet that we also prefer a real time moving image of ourselves (mirror) to a moment frozen in time (photo) especially if we are shy around cameras.

I actually didn't like my school pictures until I got into the last few years of high school and senior pictures. However, I always attributed this to how I was developing personally--when I was in middle school, all I cared about was how others viewed me. Into, high school though, I began to view myself as different in a good way. It's so interesting that you ties the mere exposure effect is an interesting theory though and I'm glad you blogged about this!

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