Why are drunk people more friendly?

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Throughout lecture, it seemed evident throughout all the twin studies and adopted studies that genetics plays the primary role in determining personality. In one case, two twins were separated at birth, yet many years later both shared similar interests, had the same occupation, and had nearly identical scores on their personality tests. I think it is safe to assume that genetics plays an important role in our neurological development. Since our neurological structure contributes to our personality, identical twins would have the same neurological make up and thus similar personalities. In Professor Wlaschin's previous blog, he posted an article that discussed extraverts and their higher potential towards drinking. The article suggested that extroverts are more prone to drinking. Since drinking is typically a social activity, this would make sense. However I couldn't help but think about how alcohol affects personality in the act of drinking. I know people who are usually very introverted, however when intoxicated are extremely social. They will talk non-stop and greet/hug random strangers in the street. Since alcohol affects neurotransmitters in the brain, I wonder if it also affects people's personalities.


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I find it interesting how you linked these two ideas together. Maybe the differentiation in the neurotransmitter levels is what causes that difference in personality?

Interesting post. I'm not sure if alcohol can effect someones personality, but I think when a normally introverted person begins to drink alcohol they may inadvertently supply themselves with an placebo effect. Meaning they have an expectation of what alcohol can do for them socially so they drink with an idea that they will "loosen - up". We see this all the time. People will say "i need a drink"..or "you guys want a drink", these is usually mentioned in a social situation when conversation has died or everyones quiet. We see this in the business sector also. So alcohol is not necessarily a personality changer in itself, but more like a placebic conditioned stimuli enabling a outgoing personality.

Very interesting and entertaining post to read. I agree much with the fact that you brought up about how introverted people while drinking alcohol become much more sociable. I have a couple family members who are very timid, and shy, however after a couple alcoholic beverages they sure do become the entertainment for the night. Very impressive post.

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