Why people don't like to touch strangers´╝č

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Do you feel uncomfortable when strangers touch your body? If so, you have the concept of personal space, which is the region surrounding you where other people should not move inside to make you feel comfortable and secure. Permitting a person to enter your personal space may shows that your relationship has been closer, such as being romantic partners.

However, the personal space can be flexible. We can modify our personal space, whenever we feel a greater or less degree of trust or something else. Sometimes, external environment also can change our personal space. For example, if we are on a crowded bus in the morning rush hour, we'll be more tolerant of others encroaching on our personal space.

Although different cultures have influence on personal space, we are usually closer to our intimate friends, lovers or parents.

My favorite post was No More Chinese Food for Her! because I have an impressive memory of conditioned taste aversion, which is almost same as her sister. I like cheesecake so much . One day, I ate a whole 10-inch cheesecake so that there was nearly 1 year I didn't eat cheesecake any more.

My next favorite was My sister is not a zombie because I had the experience with sleepwalking when I was very young. My mom told me that there was a period I was always sleepwalking at midnight, although I had no memory of it.

My third favorite is Was that real, or was it a commercial? because it reminds myself that I always choose products which look so yummy in advertisement, but actually not after I tried.


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Your picture drew me in! The idea of personal space is a concept I spent time trying to figure out where it came from...I'm still working on it, but the book and posts like yours help and serve as a "starting point"

Speaking as an extravert, I actually enjoy it when other people enter my personal space. I certainly got used to it living in NYC and riding the subway or going to concerts.

Check out Eva's post on crowd etiquette at rock concerts:

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