all night cram sessions bad for you

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Although most students tend to do all night cram sessions before exams, the act of cramming actually has a negative effect on a students grade. In a study done at Harvard Medical School. The study looked at the effects of sleep/lack of sleep on the cortex which is the area of the brain that helps with information storage.
The key to good memory retention is to get a consistant amount of sleep every night, deviating from your sleep schedule, even for an hour, can lead to negative effects in memory retention.
The best way to study is to attend class, keep up with class material throughout the semester and then get good, consistant amounts of sleep every night. One of the professors involved in the study said it would be better to go take a test well rested then to go sleep deprived.
This is very interesting since most students study in a way that is the least effective to actually retaining the information that they are reading.

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I am taking some summer credits, and just did same thing, a night cram session, right before my exam and probably just 2 hours of sleep, if so!I know that the key is in keeping up with classes, but that seems so unattainable sometimes and I really have to remember and keep in mind, how big of an importance, the sleep has!
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