Cults. Are they really as strange as they seem?

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While reading through chapter 13 I found the definition of cults to be interesting; "cults:groups that exhibit intense and unquestioning devotion to a single cause". When I thought about what that definition sounded like to me it made me think of devout christians and their firm belief and faith in god. They aren't "brainwashed" or "transformed by group leaders into unthinking zombies"; They are just really devoted to god and what he stands for.


I thought that the blog "Victim of Rape, Victim of Involuntary Sterilization", was really interesting. I hadn't heard of that story and the thought of that really upset me. I'm glad women like Elaine are speaking out about this issue.

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I hadn't realized how vague the definition of cults was! If thats the case, then a cult could be classified as anything from PETA to MADD.... Interesting, they should probably clear that up ha

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