Depression and College

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I was shocked to know how many college students are going through depression, and the new link on our webvista page was an eye opener, so I decided to do some research on college and depression. According to the American College Health Association (ACHA), the percentage of college students diagnosed with depression has increased 56% in the last 6 years. Not only that, but problems showing up that lead to depression are more serious that they once were, like sexual assault or death of a friend. Students today definitely have a lot on their plate. Greg Kneser, Dean of Students at St. Olaf, notes that many students lead "hyper-enriched lives", with computers, classes, jobs, sports, travel, volunteer work, etc. Combined with these responsibilities, many students are forced to reinvent themselves. Leaving everything behind and trying to create a new name for yourself is more stressful than anyone told me it would be. In general, students are coming to college more overwhelmed than ever before. This also makes me think of the Flynn effect; society is growing more intelligent by the minute, but this also means college are raising their standards and demanding more of us students each year. When does it stop? When do we tell society that the expectations are simply too much, and that college students cannot handle anymore?

Interesting websites if you're curious for more information:
Depression plagues college students

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You know freem467, I completely agree with everything that you are saying. I know during the fall of freshman year of college, I'm pretty sure I was mildly depressed and I say that because when I look back on it now, it's one of the more darker moments of my life. It was just a time when I wasn't happy about anything much and it took a lot for me to not be so darn emotional all the time. It truly astounds me though that the rate of depression of college students is so high now though. It's really sad and to me it's also a reflection of how our society really is not relaxed and so high stressed. I personally don't appreciate being so stressed all the time and I do my very best to take time for myself--to refocus and remember what life is all about; laughing, loving, and learning :) Thanks for blogging about this.

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