Do you have a phobia?

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If you are walking down the street and see a small, cute dog, which isn't doing anything scary or threatening, do you feel anxious and afraid just passing by it? Most people must not, however, I will feel scared. I know I am irrational, but I am full of fear as long as there is a dog around me. Because I have cynophobia -- an abnormal fear of dogs. Cynophobia is a type of phobia, which is a persistent fear of an object or situation that has litter or no actual danger.

How did cynophobia emerge in my life? Although I can't remember it clearly, my mother told me when I was 2 years old, I was bitten by my grandmother's dog. I think it maybe the reason. Because after it, I always avoid direct contact with any dog, and I will be anxious even when I know my friend will bring her dog to my home. Moreover, my mother also has cynophobia. I might learn it from her.

I'm not sure I can overcome my fear of dogs during my liketime, but I will try. Maybe raising a dog by myself will be a good way.

My favourite blog post is "Does Optimism = Less Stress?" by L. Pipkin. Problem-focused coping is a good way to solve a lot of problems.

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I didn't realize there was a phobia such as cynophobia out there but I guess a person could have a phobia to pretty much anything. This is just a less common phobia--not heard of too much.

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