Conformity to Kill

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Why is it that we as a society feel the need to conform to the status quo? The Stanford Prison Study was provocatively interesting in the respect that these study participants took on the roles that they were assigned. For myself personally, I really don't understand why this happens. Why does treating another human being destructively trump the human moral sense? Shouldn't there have been a red flag going off in these particpants' minds that this wasn't right? The roles we take on in society are interesting and I found myself relating this back to the section where we discussed how gender identity is assigned. If I was born a female and I wanted to orient myself as a male, I could and the prison study really seems to help support the idea that we take on roles according to society. I find that scary---have we no individualism?

I really enjoyed the blog titled "Taurus: Stubborn, Dependable, Stable, and Possessive" because I am a Taurus myself :) I also thought the pictures for this pseudoscience are awesome! Well done!

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