High IQ bad for your health?

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I stumbled on an interesting article this week relating high childhood IQ with an increased probability for drug use later in life and couldn't help sharing it.

CNN Article

What struck me about this article was that you would expect people with lower intelligence to be more willing to take risks with their health such as drug use rather than other with high intelligence. However, those with high intelligence may be more wealthy which would open up the financial ability to afford drugs, especially high costing drugs such as cocaine or heroin. perhaps those with better schooling have more access to information about drugs like in health classes which sparks a curiousity in them?

Of course this topic is not exactly current to lecture topics but it got me thinking about these current topics as well. perhaps the mere exposure theory applies to drugs as well as exposure to other people. the more normal it is to you, the less of a stretch it is to try it. in the same way, exposure to schizophrenics can increase your likelihood to develop the disease. would this mean that education about mental illnesses increases your likelihood to self-diagnose?

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