High IQ vs. Low EQ

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Makeup Blog for Discussion 11-17-11

Are people with high IQ always successful in life? Chris Langan, the smartest man in the US, did not get a degree from any universities. He did not become a scientist, a professor, or a teacher. He became a farmer with low income. Although Langan scored exceptionally on the IQ test, he did not become very successful in life. Why didn't he?

Well, there are many factors to consider when you are determining a person's success in life. While Langan obtained a high IQ, his EQ was very low. He did not get along with his teachers, professors, bosses or friends. He couldn't social with other who are different.

On the other hand, many geniuses, such as Walter Benjamin, Virginia Woolf, and Alan Turing, committed suicide. If they are so smart, how come they didn't learn to appreciate life? Once again, to answer questions like that, we will have to go back and study their EQ. Did they get along with their family, friends and colleagues? Were they depressed and stressed out everyday? Did other people discriminate them for being different?

People often associate IQ and EQ as the same thing when they are completely different. Sometimes the difference are so distinguishable they contribute to one's success in life.


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