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Remember in high school, when everyone wanted to be well liked and a part of the "in crowd?" But then as you grow older and mature, this want seems to diminish. Well, actually it sort of sticks around and continues to influence your choices in the form of conformity. Conformity is the tendency of people to alter their behavior as a result of group pressure (Lilienfield, 500). One study called, the Asch Conformity Study, experimented with conformity by taking a group of people and telling them to deliberately choose the same, wrong answer. Then take a person unaware of the situation and see what answer they choose based on the responses of the group. Results were found that 75% of the participants responded with the same wrong answer the majority of the time. People conform because the do not want to bring attention to themselves, nor be independent and solo. Do you feel this way? What would you do in these situations?



My favorite blog post was "Trying to study? Don't let em' get their foot in the door" by hilm109. I liked how he used a practical situation that every student will need to overcome at one point or another in their college career. I agree with the decision to not even let the situation start in the first place

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