Inmate Isolation

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After reading about social psychology I understood in more depth why humans have the need to belong. The book explains how humans have a biological need for interpersonal connections. This means that we are born naturally with the want to interact with others. There are studies to prove that being isolated can cause problems with anxiety and mood. This makes me confused because if they know this as a fact why do they isolate inmates as a punishment? This is not teaching them a lesson; instead it makes matters worst. The research shows that the threat of social isolation can lead us to become in self-destructive ways and even impair on our mental functioning.

I begin to search on the web for more information about the negative impacts on prison isolation. I found out they are coming up with alternate ways to punish disobedient inmates. Overall I believe that putting individuals in prisons is not beneficial. Why discipline them by placing them with others that have also broke laws? This does not teach them how to interact appropriately when it comes time for their release date. However I have not of thought of any other way to penalize individuals who break the laws.

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This is an interesting idea--I've thought about it this way before. However, it would seem as though keeping a person who is mentally disturbed before entering prison would experience even more sever disturbances once left alone. Maybe their punishment should be that they are to be around very cheerful individuals for some time--the reverse idea in a sense.

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