Interesting Contrast Between - Collectivistic and Individualistic Cultures

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What sparked this discussion for me was the lecture of cultural psychology that we had, given by Dr. Marti Hope Gonzales. It's interesting to me how our different cultures; Western and Eastern are so contrasting. I've learn a few key things that I never knew such as; when it comes to conformity it is valued more in the East than in the West and Eastern people are more conforming to their in-group vs. strangers. For Westerners it's the total opposite. it makes no sense why people (us) in the West would conform more so to strangers than to the people that we love or thats in our in-groups. Another interesting point that stood out to me was also the fact of overall concern for the fellow man in Eastern societies. It seems that in Western cultures we our so closed unto ourselves and the in-groups we belong to, we live in a me-me secluded society. Lastly, I also found it intriguing about the fact that Western society tend to look at the smaller picture of things vs. Easterners who look at both the big and small picture. By looking at both cultures it really puts a mirror to the society that we live in here in the West. It makes one think for a moment, if only we could adopt some of the attributes that other Collectivist cultures and societies have how different things could be overall. Thank you Dr.Gonzales for a interesting and thought provoking lecture.

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