Is conformity universal

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Many people probably think that conformity is something that happens everywhere, but truth is, conformity actually happens more often in some places compared to others. A great example is conformity in Asians versus Americans. Asian's have been proven to be more likely to conform to their culture than Americans, but the reason for this is that Asian cultures are collective whereas American cultures are more individualistic. Individuals in collective cultures are more likely to be concerned with the opinions of others in their culture and on the contrary, persons in individualistic cultures prefer to stand out more and be unique.

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It's interesting because when I first began thinking about conformity while reading this chapter, I had this thought that Americans would be one of the most conformist societies out there. However, it makes a lot a sense that collective societies would have a higher rate of conformity due to their societal norms of "group thinking." Thanks for blogging abou this. Funny picture!

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