Let me stare at your nose first...

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You were looking at a balloon which was floating in the sky. Suddenly, the baloon moved up. (toward the sky higher) Why do you think the baloon went up?


Before I explain about the question, please think of your answer.
By the way, my answer was "because the balloon was blew over by wind"
Is your answer same as mine? The question of balloon was from a TV show that I watched a few years ago. In this TV show, they concluded that more Western, Individualistic, people answer "because the air came out from the balloon." On the other hand, more Eastern, Collectivistic, people (like me) answer "because wind blow over the balloon." Of course, the conclusions are not always apply to everyone, but it's very interesting that people from the different culture think differently.

I read an article, "Face-off: East v.s. West" that is talking how Western and Eastern culture people see human faces differently. In the past, psychologists believed that people perceived faces firstly scanning eyes and then down to nose and mouth. However, Roberto Caldara, a psychologist at the Uni. of Glasgow in the U.K. found out that East Asian students tend to fixate on the center of a face whereas Westerners tend to see from the eyes to the mouth and back again.
In the lectures, we have learned how Westerners and Easterners think and behave differently. In addition, from the article, I've learned how I tend to see people's faces... well, I may look at your nose first!



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This is intriguing! What implications about the differences between Eastern and Western culture does this experiment reveal?

Thank you for your comment! I believe that Western, Individualistic, people tend to focus on the main object itself, so they answer "because the air came out from the balloon." Western people pay attention to the main object (the balloon). On the other hand, Eastern people pay more attention to the surroundings, so they answer "because wind blow over the balloon." In the TV show, there were more similar questions, and almost all my answers were "Eastern ways." Actually, I'm from a collectivism country, Japan. but I was so amazed and I thought it's very interesting.
I hope I could answer to your question well. What was your answer? Did you think with Western way or Eastern way?
I think it is very interesting to learn and understand that people in different cultures have different ways of thinking.

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