Nazi Crimes

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hitler.jpgWhen I took US history in high school, I wondered how so many Nazi could have engaged in such obviously unconscionable behaviors. They tortured and killed so many Jews in the death camps. In view of the Milgram experiments, the Nazi crimes are not difficult to understand. Most people will obey external authority over the dictates of conscious.

This experiment shows the darker side to human nature, the dark side that exists in all humans. It's scary when I think about it, how we would probably be prepared to kill someone just because an authority figure commands we do so. The Milgram Experiment just made me wonder what I would do in the same situation. I don't think I could keep hitting the button if I thought someone was being really hurt. However ultimately it's impossible to know how one would react to something until you're in that situation yourself. What would you do If you are part of the Milgram Experiment?


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To this day, I still don't understand how the Nazis did what they did. How do you kill so many other human beings? Maybe they were all mentally perturbed in one way or another--not necessarily a diagnosed illness but just a little on the abnormal side.

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