No Stress No Cry!

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Stress is the last thing that I want in my life now. When we look at the human evolution, we see that stress was important for survival. In other words, it was the main mechanism that saved us from danger by activating fight or flight effect. A lot of other human species experienced extinction because of their low operated stress levels.

In a natural environment, like the amazon rainforest, a lion could be a stressor for us. When we face this lion, we would have only two choices; to "fight" or to "flight" in that you are either going to attack to the animal or run away from it. Either way, you need the energy. At this point, you would love being stressed because it is going to help you to save your life. But now, I do not think if I would ever face a lion in Dinkytown, right? I do not need stress anymore but it is still in my life! It's in everyone's lives. Today, our modern lions are the homeworks, midterms, finals and jobs for us. And the thing is we neither run away from our textbooks nor attack the final exam papers. So the energy is accumulating in our bodies and this results in health problems.

Today, I visited Jhon to talk about my grades and stuff. He told me some ways of coping stress and told me to be happy. Well, I guess I'll try my best!


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