OCD a problem? or attention to detail?

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An obsession is the persistent idea, thought, or impulse that is unwanted and inappropriate causing marked distress. A compulsion is the repetitive behavior or mental act performed to reduce or prevent stress. Therefore, an obsessive- compulsive disorder is a condition marked by repeated and lengthy (at least once per day) immersion in obsessions, compulsions, or both. Both humans and animals can suffer from OCD.

Some canines suffer from canine lick Acral dermatitis, a disorder where they lick themselves compulsively, resulting in severe skin damage. Scientists believe this could be related to an animal variant of OCD. On the other hand, some humans suffer from common OCD rituals such as checking lock doors, repeatedly arranging/rearranging items, and washing/cleaning unnecessarily. Many people will engage in these activities, but people suffering from OCD will spend at least an hour a day immersed in obsessions and compulsions.

I personally can play video games or watch TV for over an hour a day but I would not consider myself OCD. I feel that most people have OCD tendencies, but some let it take over their life.


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