Peer pressure...can we resist it?

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In college students face many difficult choices. As an incoming freshman, everyone is thrown into a new environment and is expected to adjust. For this, some may have a much more difficult time to adjust to their new environment than others. This is where peer pressure comes into play in the life a college student. With the new freedom of living on your own, trying to make new friends, and handing school work, many opportunities arouse to slack off. For example, i'm sure everyone of us in the class have came to a point within our college career where we were presented with the opportunity of either staying in and studying, or going out with friends. Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can influence our decisions very much whether it be a good or bad decision. A group of friends walking in to lets say your dorm room and are all dressed up, and full of excitement. Meanwhile you have been studying for the last couple hours and are aware that you should study for a very crucial midterm that you have in two days. Now the question is: Do you go out and have a good time? or Do you stay in and study?

1) My favorite post to read was "Why are drunk people more friendly?" This was a very interesting post and entertaining because I have seen many instances where this happens.

2) My next favorite post was "Celebs Sell" because it was another interesting post that i enjoyed. The post made a very good point in terms of how celebrities influence consumers decisions during purchasing products

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