Same Family, Opposite Personalities

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My brother and I are very different in terms of our personalities. He can be very shy especially when he meets new people. He's also not very open to new experiences, he likes to stay in his comfort-zone. On the other hand, I am very outgoing and love to try new things. In this essence, it can be said that my brother has an introvert personality and he is not the best person for agreeableness. But if I would take a self-report test, I would get high scores on extraversion and agreeableness.

The interesting part of this issue is that we are very different but we were raised in the same family with equal traits. Also, there is only 2 years of age difference between us which makes us even more similar.

I like Mischel's ideas about this topic, so I think that the situations might have shaped our personalities. In other words, our non-shared environments and therefore different conditions might have a huge impact on our characters.



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You know, I have a younger sister who is also 2 years younger than me and although I would say she is more of an extrovert than I, we still agree on a lot of personality traits. However, this could also be due in part to our same gender as well. I think if my siter were a brother instead of a sister--I would say about the same as you.

Interesting blog post, I actually have a twin even closer in age and people can hardly believe we came from the same family. Although the two of us get along really well.... we are as different as possible in both our interests and personalities.

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