Similarity = Attractiveness?

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In the textbooks, the author started that similarity,the extent to which two people have things in common with others, is one of the most important factors for us to determine whether someone else is attractive or not. Some people may argue people with completely different backgrounds may fall in love. Although that may be true, however, in most cases, people are more attracted to people who are similar to them.

A short film by Patrick Hughes called "Signs" came out in 2008. In this short film, two white collars whose offices are across from each others fall in love with each other. From the movie, it's obvious that they are introverts; using only "signs" to display their loves to each other through out the whole movie. However, this movie clearly demostrated how people who are similar (social status, social backgrounds, personalities) are more likely to get together. Enjoy the movie:


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I also thought this was very interesting, especially in our discussion. I always knew that people paired up based a lot on what they had in common, but I had never consciously noticed how most couples are of similar physical attractiveness also. Interesting blog!

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