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I definitely think something in psychology that I will never forget is the concept of Pseudoscience. We are all victims of it and I am no exception. Pseudoscience is relatively common in everyday life, especially with the things like astrology. Palm readers and other forms of psychic analysis are both very believable and often times extremely coincidental if you are unaware that it is completely false and by chance. However, I still find enjoyment in reading my horoscopes, going to palm readers, and engaging in card readings.

I don't understand why I enjoy these things so much. Perhaps because, even if for just a moment, I feel a deep connection with who I am and what my future holds. It's not everyday that someone I have never met before tells me things that I am relatively good at or expresses my interests without knowing a single thing about my personality. Astrology could really tie in well with the placebo effect, as well. Is anyone else a victim of pseudoscience and if so, in what forms? Even though I know better than to believe and pay into an industry that is nothing more than complete bogus, I still feel a desire to continue reading and engaging in astrological activities.


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Thanks for posting this! I am a classic victim of horoscopes, tarot, and palm-reading and have always enjoyed them, but the idea of pseudo-science has caused me to rethink my superstitions. Maybe this enjoyment comes from the comfort of "knowing" what our future holds. Or it could simply come from the fact that pseudoscience gives us something to look forward to. I know I tend to look at my horoscope "forecast" when I'm feeling apprehensive about a particular week. It usually predicts a week with a few negative "predictions" but ending with on a positive note. The one thing about so-called astrologers is that they know what people want to hear! Thank you for making me think about my own superstitions and errors in thought. Happy finals!

I'd never thought of astronomy as tying into a placebo effect. That's a really interesting overlap... While I've never understood the draw to horoscopes, I've always been a big fan of UFO sightings and cryptozoology, but I can't even say why!

I think my biggest pitfall in the way of pseudoscientific claims, though, is the natural commonplace, the widely held belief that things that are natural are also good. It seems to me like the trend has skyrocketed alongside environmental consciousness. The natural commonplace may be so effective on some because it somehow is associated with the "return to nature" so many are striving for environmentally.

I enjoyed reading your blog post. I too am completely into horoscopes and palm readings, and although I do not take them entirely seriously there is always a part of me that wants to. I liked your comments about feeling like you are connected with who you are, even just for a moment. I think the idea of "wanting to believe" in something often misguides us, and this is definitely the case for me with horoscopes and palm readings!

Don't worry burke471, you're not alone! I also find horoscopes and astrology sort of interesting. However, it truly seems bogus in some essences.

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