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One thing that really stood out to me when reading the textbook was the idea of urban legends - false stories repeated so many times that people believe them to be true. Some of the examples that the textbook gave were so ridiculous that I had a hard time believing that people actually believed them to be true.

However, the concept of repeating messages many times made me think of the game "telephone" where one person thinks of something, then whispers it into the ear of the person next to them, who then does the same thing, so the message is sent down the line of people.

Most of the time, when the last person in line says what they think they heard, their statement is way off of what the original phrase was. Somewhere down the line (or perhaps in many places), the person listening to the message doesn't quite hear the phrase correctly, but they pass the message, which they believe to be correct, on to the next person, causing the actual message to be disrupted.

It is interesting how this can happen in real life too, when one person tells another something, who then tells another person, and so on. More often than not, little details are changed, causing the story to have a different effect than intended.


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