The Best Deal Around! (Makeup for 12/01/11)

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In chapter 13 of our text books, they discuss certain persuasion techniques that are usual when trying to get things you want. The three most common that they discussed are foot-in-the-door, door-in-the-face, and low-balling. When I first read about them they sounded familiar and I noticed that I had actually used all three of these techniques when I was trying to persuade other people, especially my parents, and they worked! I can remember when I was in high school trying to persuade my parents to let me stay out late at night I would ask if I could stay out until 2 or 3 in the morning and they would say no but then still let me stay out until like midnight or 1, this technique is called door-in-the-face.
Thinking of all the times I have used these types of persuasion on other people, I began to wonder if I had ever been on the other side of these techniques. We have all seen those infomercials on tv where they will say "Call now and get this $100 value for on $19.95!" (door-in-the-face) or if you have ever gone to the store just to get a new phone but then you end up buying a charger and screen protector and insurance and all these other cool things that you need for your new phone (low-balling)!
Have you ever been a victim of these types or persuasion?

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