The Big Bad Wolf...

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It is estimated that in World War II the death toll for civilian and military death was around 48 million people. How is it possible that we could have let that many people die when the average person would never kill a stranger normally? The answer has many factors as we talked about with the Milgram's obedience study people are obedient. We see with many things that when people are in large groups they act much more aggressive.

The factor that I find so much more disgusting is the fact that in a war the enemy is not even seen as human, but rather talked about as animal or worse. I was trying to find a clip that exemplified this from the movie "Sands of Iwo Jima", what I found instead was much worse in my opinion it is a clip from a warner bros cartoon from back in 1942 it does the three little pigs as the U.S.A and Germany as the big bad wolf. The reason I find this so horrible is because this is meant for really little kids and already at such a young age they are taught to treat Germans as the big bad wolf. I can understand war, but is it right to have them seen as animals. Here is the link


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