The effect of Barbie on young girls

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As a fashion merchandising major part of what I find interesting is looking at how outside forces really effect the trends in fashion. One of the most iconic and influential cultural figures is Barbie. While, she is an excellent toy for young fashionistas to play dress up, accessorize and get their own sense of style, Barbie is also a very negative influence on the body image of young children, specifically girls, who play with the doll.
Just to give some information to put Barbie into perpective, if she was a real person Barbie would be about 6ft tall, have a 39" bust size, 18" waist, 33" hips, a size 3 shoe, would have to have 2 ribs removed because of the size of her waist and would most likely have to walk on all fours because of her un-usual body shape.
This is a figure that is very present in almost all young girls homes and a constant reminder of what the rest of the world thinks is beautiful and perfect. In reality if Barbie was real she would be in constant pain and very deformed.

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Children are literally abrosrbing role models and it is part of every game that they immitate the beahviour of the adult or of their favourte screen heroes. The Barbie Doll distorts their idea of physical appearance , making them less tolerable toward children who are differente one way or another. London

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