The Irony of Social Facilitation

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There are many mentions about the finals, because we our minds are concentrating wholly on them. Yes, finals are coming up, and I need to study. I tried to study in my room, but I got distracted very easily. Therefore, I went to the library to study. The presence of other students studying made me think "You are the only one being lazy right now, so now study!" As a result, whenever I go to the library I always get inspired to study, which is a good thing. But what is so ironic is that, if there were the same amount of students in the library in the audience, when I have to do a presentation, I would be very uncomfortable with their presence. I would actually get discouraged by their unspeakable pressure that they give me with their eyes. But then again, some people don't really care if a lot of people are looking at them when they do their presentations. I guess it all depends on the situations that we like and don't like being in. It all points to our personal preferences.
How can we use social facilitation so that we benefit from all situations?

I liked this blog because its optimism gave me the ability to cope with my stresses also. Optimism works!

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