Trying to study? Don't let em' get their foot in the door

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What should I do? Should I study for that big test coming up? Should I chill with my friends? Maybe I should just disappear.
This is one of the most common and difficult decisions us college students have to make nearly every day. As finals approach, many of us will have to make this difficult decision yet again. My advice is to lock your door. In chapter 13, Lilienfield discuses the foot-in-the door technique, a persuasive way which involves making a small request before making a bigger one. Imagine you are in dorm, studying rigorously for your upcoming final. About half way into your rigorous study session, one of your friends stops by and suggests you take a small study break. Reluctant at first, you eventual give in. After all, it's only a small study break. However, soon your friend suggests you go out and grab a drink. A little drink can't hurt, right? So you go along, however eventually one drink turns into two as two turns into three and eventually you begin to lose count.
The next thing you know, its 5:00 the next morning, you have a terrible head ach, and on top of that you have a final in a few hours. So this year, make the right decision, lock the door and don't let those distractions in! Good luck!

My favorite blog post was Motivated "Does Optimism = Less Stress?" by pipki006. She discussed how optimism can help one cope with stress. I agree that attitude is critical in performance. Being more up beat and hopeful has been helpful for me.


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SO TRUE!!! You bring up a great point s

Way to use a practical storyline that the majority of students can relate to, it's easier to get the point across.

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