Type of personality assoicated with CHD

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CHD, or coronary heart disease, is the complete or partial blocking of the arteries that provide oxygen to the heart. It is the number one cause of death in the US and accounts for almost a million dollars a day. Scientists began examining the factors related to CHD and found that your specific type of personality can be associated with later heart disease.

The results proved that a person with a Type A personality had a higher risk of developing heart disease. Type A personality can be described as being competitive, driven, hostile, and ambitious. The individuals with the highest levels of hostility were shown to have the highest risk of CHD. Other factors such as smoking and diet may be taken into account, but scientists found that tamping down hostility and learning had a 37% decrease in deaths from heart attacks.

In conclusion, do you think that personality has as big of a factor on CHD compared to diet and exercise?


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