"What a Hilarious Misunderstanding"

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So as I was reviewing memory in Chapter 7, I remembered a very funny song by "Flight of the Conchords" that I think captured the essence of "implicit" vs. "explicit" memory. However, before I go on with the rest of the blog, you should probably listen to this, or it may not make sense.

So, you may be wondering why on earth I thought of this while reading chapter 7. Well there are a few points actually. Basically, according to our textbook, the misinformation effect is the creation of fictitious memories by providing misleading information about an even after it takes place, and I feel this song had a lot of that.

As we all know, explicit memories are memories that we recall intentionally and of which we have conscoius awareness of, while implicit memories are memories we don't deliberatly remember or reflect on consciously. It is much easier to implant an explicit memory than it is to implant an implicit memory, which is why Brian was able to be fooled into thinking all of the events said by Jenny had actually happened, but she was not able to convince him that his name was John.

I also believe that this song says a lot about implanting false memories in general. For instance, many times we forget that implanting a false memory can be completely unintentional, such as with witnesses to a crime. It also doesn't help when repeated questioning is used. It is also easier to implant a fictitious memory of an event from the distant past for which we have hazy or no recall than of an event from the recent past we remember well. Also its easier to plant a memory of something that is plausible rather than something that isn't (granted adopting a child is rather excessive, but that is part of the humor of this song).

This song goes over so many concepts that the book discusses in implanting memory that it is almost hard to post in a single blog. What are some ways you guys can link this to Chapter 7?

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