What does a goatee say about me?

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This is a VERY interesting video about the assessment of a person's character by looking at their face or body. However, you probably only want to watch 0:52-2:44... the rest isn't really psychology related.

I love this! This relates to sooo many things I don't even know where to start!

First, here is an article that relates to what Hank (yes, that's his name) was saying about the composite faces (its rather interesting, and they have a short video too if you don't like reading). Ladies, its written all over your face! .
However, we should still be careful when we attribute charactersitics based on someone's appearence! Chapter 2 briefly mentions the "halo effect", which is the fact that people often perceive highly attractive individuals as possessing many other desirable attributes.

I think this video mostly relates to the end of Chapter 11 when the book discusses attraction. Everything from composite faces and what defines someone as attractive are mentioned in this part of the chapter...
Also, for some reason this also reminded me of phrenology in Chapter 3. That was when phrenologists assessed the bumps on your head and attributed various personality and intellectual characteristics. Although this has been proven to be extremely silly, there may be something attributed with face and personality after all.

If I want I could even go to into the relm of "identity" and social psychology... What things do you guys think you can relate this video to?

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