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Makeup Blog - 11/17/2011 Discussion Section- Intelligence

What do Motzart, MJ, Bill Gates and Van Gogh all have in common?

From a young age we've all been taught that everyone has their own individual talents. That from these talents stem our passions for life that guide us to what we should do, make, study, etc. Everyone may have special talents... but can anyone have all of these talents at once?


The idea of multiple intelligence displays the concept that people vary in their ability levels across areas of intellectual skill. In other words, there are different ways of being smart. Motzart is no Michael Jordan, and Bill Gates is no Vincent Van Gogh but each of these individuals are smart in their own ways, and in their own domains of intelligence.

So what do Motzart, MJ, Bill Gates and Van Gogh all have in common? They are all smart in their own ways!

But I Don't Wanna....!!!

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Want to get someone to do something YOU want? Give them something THEY want. Motivation refers to the drives -- especially wants and needs -- that propel us in specific directions. When we know that we'll be given something we want or need, we tend to work harder and faster to reach that point. In other words - we're motivated. These wants and needs that are rewarded to us can be refereed to as incentives.


Using an incentive program, many managers are able to get their employees to reach company goals. The extrinsic motivation provided by the rewards helps to motivate the employees to reach the external company goal. This is shown in a scene from the popular TV series, The Office, at 2:45 mins. Although this is an extreme example - it shows how you can get people to behave the way you want them to ... if you're willing to give them something they want in exchange.

Favorite Blogs:
1.How to Spot a Liar! (byexx102) - it was a good length, focused on an interesting topic and used a video to illustrate her point.

2.Johnny wants a pair of skates, Suzy wants a doll: Constructing a Christmas world (Mary) -- it was very relevant-- to both the season and the textbook! It got me thinking more about ca child's understanding of the world.

3.Engaged couple discover they are brother and sister when their parents meet just before wedding (jack0620) - it took the information in the text about attraction one step further and shared a great video to display this.

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