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I was adopted before I was born. I was picked up by my mother when I was 36 hours old so she is the mother that I have ever known and so I thought it would be interesting to explore the nature vs nurture idea. The last thing that I have to mention is that I know nothing about the women who gave birth to me and so there is nothing about nature that would effect this situation ( ie. I have no biases about this women that I know of). I have come to the conclusion that nurture is a much stronger effect on a person in terms of their beliefs, personality and personal traits. After much effort, and to my dismay, my mother and I have the exact same personality, we act the same way, think the same way and since we are so similar we tend to butt heads on a regular basis.

The only issue with this discovery is that I have no knowledge of my birth mother and so it could just be a coincidence that she and my mother have the same personality, but I am doubting that this is the case.

This article has an interesting look at nature vs nurture in both adoption and twin studies

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