Brain Mapping

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Chapter 3 gives us an over view of nerve cells acting as our communication portals, the brain as our behavior network, endocrine system, mapping of the mind, and how we become who we are. The one thing I find the most fascinating was the mapping of our brain. Do you know how our brain is mapped out?

Around the 1880's, was the first mapping of the brain. It was said to be based off of the bumps on our skull. The size of the bumps were matched with various traits and characteristics of the human body. This mapping was decided as "falsifiable." Image if this was how our brain was mapped out today.


Today our brain is separated in lobes and hemispheres. Each hemisphere controls different traits, characteristics, and movements. People are said to be dominate in one side of their brain. Do you know if you are a right or left-brained person?

I feel that the concept of different sections of our brains controlling our actions is hard to grasp and interpret so I am looking forward to getting into more detail about it. While trying to make sense of it some questions arose. Back in the day how did people know that the first mapping wasn't accurate? Do we use 100% of our brain? and What types of devices do researchers use to determine which part of our brain controls what movement?

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