Chapter 3 Overview

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Chapter 3 is titled: Biological Psychology. It covers the basics of the brain and nervous system. Big topics in this chapter include neurons, neurotransmitters, the central nervous system, brain imaging, and a bit on nature versus nurture. I found the stuff about neuroscience to be the most interesting in this chapter. There is a large diagram of a neuron that I think looks very cool, and descriptions are given of many different neurotransmitters. Other interesting things in this chapter include phrenology, an early attempt at mapping the mind onto the brain based on bumps on the skull, and a picture of a dead salmon supposedly showing brain activity. images.jpegimages-1.jpeg


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This has so far been my favorite chapter to learn. The biology behind psychology is fascinating to me... the fact that we've spent so much energy attempting to decipher the brain and its functions, but still have SO much to learn is astonishing. Neuroscience is a potential field of study for me and possible career path, and this chapter has done a great job of further stimulating my interests!

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