"Depression Has Been CURED!"

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Headlines, like the one above, bombard us everyday. It is up to us what we choose to believe. After reading about how over-exaggerated and/or under-exaggerated newspaper an magazine articles are, it has become more difficult to sift fact from fiction. Even worse, magazines, newspapers, and websites usually aren't even the primary sources for the information. This makes me wonder how many times I've stated a statistic that was actually incorrect.


It's not our fault though. Our society makes it appear like every story out there is true, when in reality, if it's not written by a scholar and peer reviewed, there's a good chance it's not. What would we prefer though, to read a tabloid with the facts or to read one with a good story? Just look at The Onion. It's an entire newspaper dedicated to bogus stories. I have to admit that I do like a good story, but if I need facts, what can I rely on?

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