Exceptional Intelligence

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Most of the population falls in the medium tear when we talk about intelligence with an average IQ of 100. However some of the population that scores 135 or higher on any IQ test is considered a genius or one with exceptional intelligence. Why are these people at such an advantage compared to everyone else when it comes to intelligence? Is it that they are born this way, or do they simply read and comprehend material at a pace many could never keep up with?

The smartest American is Christopher Langan with an estimated IQ of between 195 and 210, but what is the recipe for creating the next super genius like Langan? Well, the answer is we don't know, but the answer lies in our genes. With genetics on the rise who knows, maybe we will discover the factors that contribute to being an exceptionally intelligent individual. However being a genius may not be all genetics. Individuals with these talents have to learn the material at some point and therefore need to work at it. In the words of the famous Thomas Edison "genius is one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration." Ch.9


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