"Imagination is the primary gift of human consciousness." Sir Ken Robinson

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Chapter 5 explores consciousness. Sleeping, dreaming and alterations of consciousness all make their way into the context. The section that struck me as interesting was Out-of-Body Experiences. The sense of leaving one's own body and being able to look upon it from above. 25% of college students and 10% of the general population have experienced these. That is a shockingly high percentage! Out-of-body experiences suggest our consciousness is not trapped within our mind. Research has showed that the experience could be caused by disruption of our senses. For example in 2007, H. Henrik Ehrsson gave participants goggles that allowed them to see an image of themselves as if they were behind their own body. He then touched them with a rod, but they could also see themselves being touched through their goggles. This lead to belief that the human mind can be tricked into thinking it is separate from it's body due to conflicting visual and physical sensations.


This leads me to question, is an out-of-body experience truly out side of the body? Or is it just our imagination? How do you falsify the claim that it is truly out-of-body? Have you ever had a like experience?

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