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Chapter 10 goes into depth about the development of the human body and brain. Much of us have heard this song or atleast vaguely remember it from the elementary days of learning about the human body! Developmental psychology is the study of how behavior changes during a lifetime. There are challenges that come with life and some of the direct causes are physical, cognitive, emotional and social. With everything a human goes through in life we must be sure not to assume anything. Effects must be carefully placed and correlated to the causes because many different factors could have played a role in human development. A hypothesis is created and each hypothesis should have alternatives because of the many different variables in life that could be the causational factor.

Every cell in the human body contains every single one of our genes. While that may seem like a lot, only a certain few genes are active in each cell at once. The human brain is recepting so much information as we grow up and the body doesn't reach full maturity until adolscence. Whether we are in the stage of an infant, toddler, child, adolescent, teenager or adult each stage is associated with its' own growth periods and changes. Everything around us frames who we will be when we are older. The experiences we have and the situations we go through further develops our brains and makes us who we are.

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