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As I was reading Chapter 3 it hit me! The brain really is a complicated area of our body! If it was not for our brain we would never be able to do anything! I knew before our brain was outstanding but until reading this chapter I had no idea how complex it actually was. Each part of our brain is used to control different emotions and actions we do on a daily basis. For example our temporal lobe is what helps me understand the difference between speaking Ukrainian or English and helping me remember all the wonderful memories i had as a kid in the Ukrainian culture. When I was younger I knew that there were so many fascinating things that happen in your brain but I never thought that our brain is the main thing that makes us who we are. Bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance in one's brain and this is another thing I find very interesting. How can our brains malfunction to cause mental disorders in some but not in others? But then thinking about it more and more I realized it was not about our brains malfunctioning it has to do with our family backgrounds. If our parents have issues with some part of their brain there is a very strong possibility that it could happen to their children. For example with bipolar, my dad is bipolar and so am I this is just something that i got from my dad that is through some research seen to be genetic but my sister on the other hand is not bipolar. The brain is something that is fascinating to me and I am now I want to learn so much more! Like why is bipolar considered genetic? Why does each part of your brain do something different? These are just a couple questions I have.


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Bipolar is considered genetic because. There are different parts of the brain for different functions because there are so many functions the human needs to be able to perform. If the brain worked as one single unit, it would not be as fast relaying neurons to the specific area in order to perform the specific function.

Bipolar disorder is genetic and is a product of many gene malformations many which are still being discovered. Genes play a large role in bipolar disorder. Different sections of the brain are essential for performing the human's need for rapid fire motor skills. These different parts of the brain are designed to do different things, and so many parts of the brain control different parts of the body connecting the parts of the brain as one and the different parts of the body as one.

Bipolar disorder can be a tough problem to deal with. A very good friend of mine has it and while the manic episodes are amusing (he is very funny) the depression can be rough. I hope you are managing it well.

We don't always know why these disorders happen to some and not others. Genetics likely plays a role but there may be environmental factors such as stress that make things worse. Medications can help.

As far as your blog goes, next time break up what you have to say into smaller chunks rather than one long paragraph.

The brain is a very complex thing and just to think all of our brains are different in so many ways. I think this may be one way that the brain develops a mental disorder is because there are so many complicated processes going on at a time. during development it could be easy to get mixed up in all of the happenings going on and come out, unfortunately, the wrong way. Through natural selection we inherit all or some of our traits from our ancestors and your father passed it down to you. We are just going through evolution constantly to get the "perfect" setup.

I think it makes complete sense that our brain is subdivided into different functions. If it wasn't how would this affect us? Would we be able to do multiple things at once? (which I believe is necessary for us; we need to be able to breath while at the same time our food digests)

Although this is impossible to answer because our brains aren't like this, I believe that we couldn't because multitasking would mean that two things were being done at the same time and division would be necessary to achieve this.

I think people's brain is like our modern cities, and each people has their jobs to do specific jobs. Once one of the person has trouble of working, may cause a partial jam of the whole city ---like our brain. If part of the city doesn't work, that will cause the functions of city won't operate all. For example, if the police could not work, that may cause crime without control. For our brain, if part of it get damage, we will loss some of our abilities.

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