The psychology of psychology

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Psychology is perhaps one discipline that one cannot study without getting somewhat personally involved in. If I were to ask some psychology related questions, they would have to do with the psychological response people have to thinking about psychology itself. For example, what are the psychological effects of believing that your psychological disposition, your actions and personality, are the result of your genes and upbringing, as opposed to believing that you make your own "choices"?

I would assume that people would have some opinion on their own "free will", as it's called, and I wonder if perhaps there are some powerful psychological effects due to taking one's own "choices" and "actions" as either seriously being "real" choices in the metaphysical and/or religious sense, versus seriously being physically determined events, as in, not choices that "they" actually made. Most likely in daily life one does not think too much on this topic, but just goes about daily life. However, in extreme circumstances the mind's ability to understand itself could become more crucial to sustaining sanity.


What is the mind's reaction to its being a mind, and a mind in a body at that? Do you find the question of free will to be relevant to your understanding of yourself and your actions? How do you understand your own mentality in light of the fact that human psychology can be greatly influenced and/or determined by genes and the environment? Does this issue bother you? Why or why not?

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