There are Two Sides to Every Brain

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"Left-handed people are the only people in their right mind"
I love this quote! I'm a lefty, a southpaw, i write with the wrong hand, take your pick.


In Chapter three there is a excerpt that discusses the misconception that there are left-brained and right-brained people in the world.In reality, we use each side of our brain. They complement each other. People have claimed that left-brained people are more scholarly and analytical, where as right-brained people are more artistic and emotional. I do agree with this observation because my sister and dad are both right handed and they are much more analytical than either my mom or I, who are both left handed and love arts and crafts.

There are many activities online that will determine if you are right-brained or left-brained.

Which Way is the Woman Spinning?

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

When I watched the "Which Way is the Woman Spinning?" video I was able to see her spinning both ways. I believe that everyone is capable of looking at it both ways if you take your time. Being able to see the image in each light shows how each side of your brain complements the other.

When I took the quiz, I got the same score for both the left and right brain. This is another example of how our right and left hemispheres are complementary.


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The Right Brain/Left Brain Quiz was very fun. I assumed that I am more toward right brain by just seeing the fact that left brain is very scholary and analytical. In addition, the result actually shows that I am the right brain.

The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.

The result:
Left Brain Dominance: (5)
Right Brain Dominance: (11)

These were really fun experiments to try. I used both and was able to only view the woman spinning to the left, and I scored a 12 for left side dominance and a 5 for right side dominance. I think that this is very true and fits my personality. Great links!!

Great entry; I officially have blog entry envy.
I scored the same score on the quiz too --- but only saw the dancer moving clock-wise. I'm a southpaw as well and didn't realize that we're generally known for using the right-side of our brain. It's all pretty appealing to me because I've always thought I veered to the left-side.

This misconception reminds me of the misconception that we only use ten percent of our brain. I am so glad that this book clears this up because this is what I have always thought. When I watched the women spinning video I could only see her spin clockwise. This means I used the right side. This doesn't make sense with the pattern. I could have not tried enough to see it spin the other way. I also would have to agree with your observations about right and left handed people. Everyone in my family is right handed and we are all very analytical and scientific, ex. my major is biology. A couple of my friends are amazing artists and now that you mention it they are both left handed. What about the people who are ambidextrous? Does this mean they are the "perfect" brain because they have skills in both sides?

It is interesting to take these quizzes and hear that I am supposed to be more analytical and scientific. While I have always been good at science and like to analyze things. Yet, I have always been quite imaginative and well in tune with my emotions as well as others. I would guess that my quiz would result in me being "right brained."

Left Brain Dominance: 8(8)
Right Brain Dominance: 15(15)

I do not necessarily agree with the right hand left brained, left hand right brained theory because I know many people who are right handed and far better at what would be considered "right brained" traits and vice versa.

I thought your blog was very interesting and fun with the activities to try. When I took the quiz my scores for left and right brained were only one point off but I was more left-brained. Which i guess makes sense because I am not very artsy. When I watched the video I could only see her spinning clockwise, I couldn't make my brain see it both ways. Do you know what that means?

Overall, I feel like the concept of how our brain works is complicated. People can tell us over and over again what controls what and which side we are using when but I feel as if I never fully understand it because it is a topic that's hard to grasp.

This is a good start for a post Meredith but you could have included a little more science from your text book about what we know about the right and left side of the brain. One of the many myths surrounding right and left brain function could have also been broken down by evoking several principals of scientific thinking. Finally, try and fit a question into your post as a way to encourage responsiveness from your reader

Otherwise this is a creative use of blogging and several people enjoyed the quiz you posted. I always like looking at the spinning dancer illusion and still am mystified by why it works.

I viewed the video of the spinning woman and I took the quiz on left-brained vs left-brain. I found that I could only view the woman spinning clockwise and no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't see the woman spinning counter-clockwise. When I took the test, I scored slightly higher for being left-Brained that right-brained. I found this article to be fun and interesting.
As for people being left and right brained, I really dont know enough to say that there is any truth to this. I do know that I am not artsy, however, and I have little to no creativity.

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