Forget Me Knot.

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I have this theory, when I'm older I am going to have Alzheimer's. Seems like a silly thing, but I mostly mean it. Throughout the day, I forget things, things that I should not forget, like what I had for breakfast, or if I even had breakfast. While I know that this does not necessarily have any bearing on whether or not I develop Alzheimer's, it is a thought. Can we see early signs of Alzheimer's in the way our memory works at a younger age, and therefore more effectively prevent it?

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Some say that it can be a genetic disorder, others say that there is no connection whatsoever. On the aspect of drugs that could help or cure Alzheimer's, there currently isn't one that could ultimately cure it, only one that could set back the effects for some time. Through the use of one of the drugs and brain stimulating activities, you can prolong the effects of Alzheimer's and even have many "positive" days. Along with this, have the person's days be repetitive in the sense that their schedule is similar day to day, ( I.e. wake up, shower, eat, read, visit, eat, watch a show, play cards, eat, get ready for bed, sleep.) or, the other option is putting the person in a nursing home which will instill a schedule each day. While it is not ideal, the pattern sometimes allows the person to find a place familiar for longer, if not on a conscious level, sometimes on the subconscious level. As of right now, sadly, the end effects are inevitable.


There are different stages of Alzheimer's and typically, the first memories that tend to go are the day to day memories. Then getting lost or forgetting people comes into play. Slowly, hygiene and personality fades. It is a sad and discouraging condition, a cure would be a wonderful miracle to many families affected. And sadly tying that knot around your finger will only remind you that you forgot something, if you remember why it was tied there at all. The hyperlink below is a Rascal Flatts song called Ellsworth that gives a pretty good portrayal on living with Alzheimer's.


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I think your theory is very interesting. It would be nice to know ahead of time if you will be diagnosed with the disease, but maybe it would not. I also liked what you said about the "Forget-me-Knots." I am a forgetful person myself and I am always misplacing and having trouble remembering things. My friends have even tried to help me. It was recommended to me that I draw an "X" or a dot on the top of my hand. (My mom did not like me writing a bunch of stuff on my hands because she believed I would get ink poisoning.) Anyway, I came across the same problem: all that I could remember from the reminder mark on my hand was that I had forgotten something and I could never figure out what!
I think this will be my up-hill battle for my whole life.
I wonder why some people are more forgetful in their regular lives than others?

If being forgetful now is in fact a sign of the disease, I am right with you with thinking I'll have Alzheimer's. I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached. And as you mentioned, there are no current cures for Alzheimer's. I wonder if someday they will have one? I know there are movies that explore that possibility, but hopefully someday we will in fact have a cure. I know I write things on my hands to get me through the day ( I suppose I know the cause if I ever do get ink poisoning). But I wonder if some people have more trouble remembering things because they have more going on in there lives? I don't know, but I would sure love to remember where I hid my wallet.

I think that in college we all experience a little more of the "forgetfulness" than we are used to. With the extra stress, as well as less sleep, we tend to forget the little things and focus on the other things that are strongly bugging us. This being said, maybe life doesn't ever slow down, and we are constantly getting busier as we get older. That would mean we would continue to forget more and more things. So is it a progression? This I am not sure about, but you do make a good point of how some say that it is genetics. If so, it would only make sense that we would have symptoms before fulling getting the disease. I guess we may all not know until our later years if we have Alzheimer's, or will there be more research to find out earlier? That's only to come in the years of advancing technology.

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