As if I needed to be more critical...

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I'm so excited that I've found yet another way to be more critical towards blanket statements people say. Thank you Psychology 1001!

Early on in this course I was happy to learn the many heuristics we utilize as the cognitive misers we are. Consider the situation where people were asked if more murders were committed in Detroit or in Michigan in a given year. Majority of the respondents said Detroit because it's easier for our brains to think of the news stories with murder rates in large cities such as Detroit, Chicago, LA, or New York; however if one were to take just a minute longer to think about this question, we'd realize the city lies within the state, in this case Michigan, and therefore obviously the state would have a higher murder rate assuming that at least one additional murder was committed in another city.
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I find myself already using this approach when people, including myself, state generalized sentences like "It's more dangerous to live in a large city." Prior to taking this class, I may have shrugged off a statement such as this; however, since taking this class I can't help but suggest that perhaps we think these "general" thoughts not because they're based on diagnostic facts but because they're what are most available in our memory.

And if I may add one last thing that is unrelated to heuristics, I was deeply moved by Dr. Paul Broks entry, "My Confession," where he bravely acknowledges that his clinical psychology expertise appears to be irrelevant or peripheral during his own "dark times." I think this submission is extremely touching and grounding. When life goes to sh*t, sometimes all we can manage to do is hold on


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Nice example of the availability heuristic Allison. I had not heard this one before and I might just steal for future use in another class!
Its always great to see when students are able to apply topics from PSych 1001 to their everyday lives.
Even better when it can improve your critical thinking.

In dark times, it does indeed seem that people are unable to pull themselves out, no matter how psychologically suave they may be. I think the most important thing about psychological healing is the presence of another person. I feel that we are all meant to help each other up, that we form a psychological network that has more power spread throughout it than centralized in just a few individuals. In therapy, I would guess there is stuff going on that is more subconscious, advantages gained simply through the fact of there being another person there to help you.

I just did a research paper that definitely applies to this topic as well. I found out the history behind tattoos and how they got their stigmas throughout the years. I feel that many people judge a person negatively too quickly because they have tattoos. Like who would be most likely to go to jail? Someone with tatoos or without... Easy answer from the general public, obviously the person with tattoos.

PS-It started as a historical mark for Islanders and warded off bad omens for the Egyptian PREGNANT women. Then sailors who found the process carried it to ports where pimps and prositutes popularized it. Thanks, pimps. :(

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